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Cycling day trips designed for seniors

Designed for people in their senior years from all walks of life, from May until September.  Our tours are from Cobourg to Brighton and Port Hope to Newcastle.  We have a day trip designed for you that will offer gentle rolling hills with views of waterways, farmland and picturesque towns and villages through the gentle countryside of Northumberland County.  Petra, an experienced eco-tourism guide, will introduce you to the health benefits and cycling skills you will take away as a positive experience.

Beautifully designed cycling day trips just an hour east of Toronto – a choice of 3 routes inclusive of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

Healthy body & healthy mind...
in no particular order

The World Health Organization estimates that 28-35% of people aged 65 or over will suffer a fall each year. Falls can have debilitating effects. Better balance and core stability is a form of intervention that has the ability to significantly reduce the risk of falling. Cycling is an exercise that increases balance due to the isolation of the glute muscles and stabilisation of the core. All of us could attest to being happy with some more balance - but if you’re in your sixties and beyond, balance can be really important for your range of movement. An exercise that improves balance equates to better coordination and posture, an increase in communication between the brain and muscles and also acts in stabilising the hips. These benefits almost speak for themselves, but really at the crux of it, is that by getting into cycling - you are making a decision that will have long term positive mobility benefits. 

Making friends & seeing the countryside by bike

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