3 Cheers for Global Cycling Network (GCN)

Global Cycling Network
Global Cycling Network (GCN) has done an incredible job in the cycling media space over the past few years. They’ve educated, inspired, and empowered cyclists to view our sport from new angles. GCN has helped to grow the sport of cycling in a way that few other media outlets have ever been able to do.

Global Cycling Network’s Growth

I was introduced to Global Cycling Network through the GCN Show on YouTube. My viewing started years before I started Cycling Seniors.  I was really impressed with their coverage of cycling, and since then they have expanded their offerings far beyond just the YouTube channel.
They cover almost every UCI race, and many more, live and on-demand. They’re especially known for their road race coverage, but they also cover major cyclocross races and other events.
In addition to hundreds of hours of race coverage, they also continue to produce excellent tech, DIY, and coaching shorts, as well as documentaries.

Global Cycling Network Cycling Media Juggernaut

No other cycling channel offers the same comprehensive coverage as Global Cycling Network. With no commercials and more content than any other channel, they are the go-to source for all things cycling.
Global Cycling Network has grown to become a cycling media juggernaut.
I’m keeping this blog shorter than normal because I want to encourage you to become a GCN viewer, and even better, to sign up for a GCN Plus which was formally GCN Race Pass. I’m not associated with GCN in any way and I don’t get paid by them. I just love and enjoy what they put out.
Global Cycling Networks app is available at the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple App Store.
PEZ Cycling News offers the best review of the Global Cycling Network.

GCN Ownership History

A bit of background: the Global Cycling Network.
SHIFT Active Media founder Simon Wear launched Global Cycling Network on 1 January 2013, as part of Google’s now-defunct YouTube Original Channel Initiative. The channel was part of Google’s strategy to provide high-quality content through a multi-channel network. It quickly became one of the most popular cycling channels on YouTube.Wear’s original objective was to create a “network of quality cycling video content creators and give cycling global promotion through an official channel”. The YouTube channel also provides a media channel for the promotion of the parent company’s client brands.
Play Sports Group, the company that owns the GCN channel, caught the eye of Discovery Communications in 2017. After acquiring a 20% stake in Play Sports Group, Discovery Communications increased its holdings to 71% in 2019.



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